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Artist Update:Listening to Ravens with Beth Surdut

Artist Update:Listening to Ravens with Beth Surdut
Listening To Raven series
La troca (the truck)– the older rounded forms mimic the languid curves and patinas of this high desert and mountains that color my soul. In Alaska, Mark has been caring for ravens and eagles for the past 16 years. Although there are certainly professional nature photographers with admirable patience, skill, and talent, this man’s love is uniquely communicated through his actions and photographic documentation of his avian friends. His photographs and the stories he tells me gave flight to this drawing Ten  Generations as well as  The Ravens of Truth and Memory which nods to the Norse God Odin’s raven.
Mark writes: I must say I think your drawing of Raven is the best that I have seen yet…
Raven flew over the office of the apartment complex where I worked. I put some meat out for him and soon he came down and got it. Next, he brought his partner and although she was much more tentative they both started stopping by each day. I started to develop a call that sounded like the male Kushka calling to the female Feathers. After time, when I called, they would come down off the mountain. That summer, I noticed that they brought their fledge down to my truck and from that time on I became their babysitter.
After 10 generations of fledges, I believe the original couple moved on and now all their children come back in the winter to live nearby cause they know I will have food for them if times get bad. More here

Beth Surdut

Planet Beth, The World, United States

Visual storyteller creating a new mythology while listening to ravens, paddling with gators– drawings,paintings,prayer shawls tallit),healing head scarves, product design,culinary art fro m the kitchen,stories and commentaries for print and radio media
Listening to Ravens
Art for the mind and body at
Custom painted prayer shawls and healing scarves


  1. I’ve seen Beth Surdut’s raven drawings on walls around town, and I’ve seen ravens in trees, on lamp posts, and scavenging around town. Talk about a symbiosis–Surdut’s art expressing the essence of raven flight and corvid presence (plus mystery), and then looking up and seeing a “real” raven, and I come away with a deeper embrace of art and bird, as if the two meet in midair, the meeting arranged by Surdut’s vision. Very nice. Thank you Beth.

  2. Beth Surdut’s art work and stories take you to the amazing world of Beth-her vision is unique and inspiring, and transports you beyond the ordinary. I recently had the great good fortune to have Beth introduce me to the amazing city of Santa Fe. Not only did she take me to the most breathtaking spots in the area, The White Place, Ghost Ranch and the Christ In The Desert monastery, she then took me to the Georgia O’Keefe museum..where i saw them all again-but through the eyes of the artist. Beth is a Renaissance woman, encompassing all the attributes of a true artist. I’m glad I have gotten the chance to experience her while she’s still on the planet. You should too!

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