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Encaustic Monotype, Painting, Collage with Paula Roland Workshops

Encaustic Monotype, Painting, Collage with Paula Roland Workshops

The beauty and light of Santa Fe has attracted artists for ages. Santa Fe, with world-class galleries and museums, is a Mecca for contemporary artists. Paula Roland is renowned for her encaustic works and workshops which have attracted artists from four continents and all across the US. Santa Fe galleries and land are a great resource for Paula’s innovative encaustic (beeswax and pigment) classes for all levels of learners.

I select materials and processes which, through the use of heat, gravity, chemical action and chance, are somewhat unpredictable. My studio becomes a stage for improvisational actions and reactions. By trusting and holding ideas loosely, relationships emerge in surprising ways that echo the seemingly random aspects of nature and present fertile ground for continued exploration.

Phone: 760.231.5464

Where: Paula’s Studio (2200 West Alameda St Santa Fe , NM) ,Ghost Ranch,USA, and Europe


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