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3 day Introduction to Encaustic Painting Package with Ellen Koment

3 day Introduction to Encaustic Painting Package with Ellen Koment

DIY Santa Fe – 2012 Spring Break Package features exclusive lodging savings of 20% on the Inn’s accommodations during the entire month of March, 2012.

Guests book their hotel accommodations directly with the Inn and Spa at Loretto at our Reservations Toll Free phone number: 866-582-1646 or online.

Guests reserve all DIY workshops and classes directly through the artist of interest. It is recommended that you contact the artist prior to booking your room reservation to ensure class availability.


This workshop will be an introduction or refresher on basic techniques; for more advanced encaustic painters it will be an opportunity to enhance your work with a variety of new techniques. Individual instruction and criticism will help you move your encaustic painting to a new level.

This three day workshop will cover all the basics, including information about how to make paint, about the commercial paints and their applications, supports, grounds, techniques, paint application, fusing, glazing, inscribing, mixed media approaches, safety, and materials

Demos will include applying paint, glazing, fusing, and how to get that smooth surface! Learn some new techniques: Introducing mixed media, working with oil bar, pigment, creating lines and texture.

We will emphasize how these techniques can be developed to create a unique encaustic language for each student. We will discuss how to create glaze layers, as well as some special techniques like inscribing and using dry pigment. You will leave with a printout containing all the information you need as well as a list of suppliers. The second and third days will teach you additional skills, and give you time to refine your technique, and become more comfortable with the medium, while beginning to understand how it can become part of your personal artistic language.

Fee: $455 + accommodations (The Inn and Spa at Loretto)

Dates available in March:

  • March 23rd-25th, 2012

Max students for each class: 8

Phone: 505-501-4620


Address:West Side Studios Studio#18 2200 West Alameda, Santa Fe,NM 87508

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