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Intuitive Painting for the Soul with Painting Inner Voice Studio

Intuitive Painting for the Soul with Painting Inner Voice Studio

Awaken and free your creativity while you are experiencing Santa Fe. A unique city that stimulates and immerses you in brilliant color, pungent scents, savory tastes, luminous high desert light, and earthy textures.

Feel the creative urge rising – the urge to express! Now you can – even if you have never painted! Everyone is creative! Intuitive painting is a direct way to connect with the well of spontaneous creativity just waiting to be released. Putting the brush full of luscious color to the paper taps into this deep source and you will be astounded what flows out!

Those that have never painted before are the most free in this process. Artists that would like to enliven their work will also greatly benefit from intuitive painting. Allow yourself to break free with a soul satisfying painting experience. Your facilitator is gentle, accepting, fun, passionate and experienced guide who creates the space for playful exploration.

This class is very different from traditional art classes in that there is no technique, comparison, right or wrong, and no emphasis on creating a product. Instead you will be given tools for moving through the inner critic that stops us in our tracks. That moves us past where we hold back, where we are in fear, and all that limits us resulting in a new freedom and confidence to create.

Please let us know the dates you will be visiting and we will let you know what is on the schedule.

Phone: 505-660-3435

Where: Studio at THE LOFTS

3600 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87507


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