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Artist Update: Elizabeth Mesh, Artists for Hire

Artist Update: Elizabeth Mesh, Artists for Hire

Seven years ago, I created my business, Artists for Hire, to benefit established, growing, and beginning artists. Artists for Hire provides artists with the work and compensation they deserve, and artistic support for further creative development. Above is a picture made by an artist who had alzheimers. While she had special circumstances, she was consistently dedicated to the use of artistic expression, and art made her life better regardless of the disease. All of my one-to-one clients have seen their own art and lives changed as a result of working with me. The one-to-one sessions are based on years of personal creative practice. This process goes beyond the art therapy I studied, and the formal art training I have had. It is a new, and different process, and can be life changing. You can email me below with a question regarding your work, or visit for more information regarding Artists for Hire.

Upcoming Classes : DIY Santa Fe – 2012 Spring Break Package

The Amazing Santa Fe Art Race with Artists for Hire

Southwest Egg Decorating Class with Artists for Hire

Ongoing Classes:

Native American Crafts

Visioning Workshops

Submersive© Drawing and Painting Outside

Walking Art Tours

Traditional and Southwestern Egg Painting Workshop

Contact: Elizabeth Mesh Owner, Artists for Hire “Seize the Moment with Art”
Phone: (505) 795-8137

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