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Creative Mythologies: Images of Change and Transformation / August 6 – 10, 2012

Creative Mythologies: Images of Change and Transformation / August 6 – 10, 2012

Evans Lansing Smith / Cheryle Van Scoy: Ancient Stories, Personal Process and Creative Expressions

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Workshop Overview

Joseph Campbell wrote that myth has the power to touch and exhilarate the deepest and most creative energies of the soul. This workshop will explore the imagery and stories of a variety of archetypal themes—such as of Alchemy, Creation, Apocalypse, the Great Goddess, the Labyrinth, and the Descent to the Underworld—with a focus on change and transformation. These offer a rich reservoir of mythologies that can help guide us to new forms of creative expression in times of radical change and breakdown of the old structures.

The workshop will include slide-illustrated presentations, imaginal experiences, explorations of the landscape (inner and outer), and creative expression in the medium of the participant’s choice (such as writing, painting, photography, dance, music, and sculpture utilizing natural materials within the Abiquiu landscape or brought from home).

Who Should Attend:

All levels – Enthusiast, Advanced Amateurs and Professionals: individuals interested in exploring their imagination and the ancient mythologies alive in our psyches; anyone interested in enriching creative expression through a knowledge of the stories and archetypal imagery of world mythology—whether that expression be through such media as photography, painting and drawing, poetry and fiction, relationship and personal development, or music.

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*** This workshop is for 10 participants only.

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