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School for Wonder Retreats and Creative Mentoring

School for Wonder Retreats and Creative Mentoring

Design your own retreat, meet with Jess for private mentoring sessions, take a writing course, write your own songs, learn about publishing and recording, experience meditation made simple, get a more realistic view of who you are!

Founder of the School for Wonder, Jess is a pioneer in personal development, designing innovative self-awareness courses since 1987. Her mentoring style of mirroring, recording and empowering students to design their own courses was a precursor to popular coaching methods today. She mentors students, coaches and leaders alike, from all walks of life.

The School for Wonder Santa Fe location is a luxury vacation retreat home on 3.5 acres, only ten minutes from the plaza. You can design and book your own retreat, based on availability, and start Schooling for Wonder before you even get to Santa Fe!

Jess is a talented creative professional herself, and has performed throughout the United States as a singer/songwriter, poet, motivational speaker and advocate for social justice. She released two books of contemplative poetry, three all-original CD’s of her music, and 20 spoken-word artists on her label, Authentic Voicework Records. Her passion for personal development stems from learning to overcome debilitating physical challenges and you can read about her history on the website at

Founded in 1987, the School For Wonder is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, cultivating courage, self awareness and personal development by providing mentoring services, certification programs, audio recordings, publications, luxury retreats and community leadership.

Cultivate Courage and Creativity!

When: Year Round, Monthly, Weekly, Daily Events, Retreats and Sessions

Where: 17A Paseo del Oso, Santa Fe, NM 87506

Time/Cost: Contact for details


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