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The Camera & Creativity Workshop with Craig Varjabedian & Dr. Twyla Smith / Starts June 17th, 2012

The Camera & Creativity Workshop with Craig Varjabedian & Dr. Twyla Smith / Starts June 17th, 2012

Technical skills are a must for any serious photographer—but technical knowledge is no substitute for artistic vision. The best photographers have learned to express their own unique viewpoint in every image they create. In this exciting new workshop—led by acclaimed photographer Craig Varjabedian and creativity coach Twyla Smith—we focus on the elusive challenge of finding and nurturing your own photographic voice. We help you find your own personal path of creative expression.

What is my unique vision?

How do I find it and how do I learn to represent it in my photographs?

This workshop examines the nature of personal creativity and the making of powerful photographs. These two subjects form the basis of our inquiry into the nature of creativity. We begin with classroom and one-on-one meetings, in which we show you fun, practical ways to overcome barriers to creativity and express your own rich artistic visions. Next, we will be in the field to see and photograph New Mexico’s incredible beauty through new eyes and to practice the tools and exercises from earlier class sessions. Come and experience for yourself the land that has influenced countless artists’ ways of seeing, thinking, and creating. This workshop is a unique opportunity to learn about your personal path of creative expression through photography.

Topics will include:

• How to give yourself permission to create
• How to carve out time and space for your creativity
• Connecting with the reasons you love photography
• Identifying and nurturing your motivation and inspiration to create
• How to give intention to your ideas
• How to make creativity a part of your busy life
• Finding meaning and value in your creativity
• How to make your images more thoughtful expressions of your vision
• How to remove the roadblocks and overcome the frustrations of creativity


Twyla Smith, a life-long student of human behavior and a creativity coach, joins Craig to co-facilitate the lively group discussions about creativity. Twyla will not only work with each person within the workshop setting but will also (optionally) meet with each participant individually to help develop his or her individual path, vision and tools of creative expression.

When: June 17 – 21, 2012

Where:Santa Fe, NM 87501

Time: varies each day

Cost: $1495. tuition, with 2 instructors


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