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Falling For New Mexico: Autumn Light & Color Photo Workshop with Steve Bundy / Starts September 16th, 2012

Falling For New Mexico: Autumn Light & Color Photo Workshop with Steve Bundy / Starts September 16th, 2012

Autumn in New Mexico. The last sturdy wildflowers light up the hills. Red chile ristras rattle against adobe walls. Piñon smoke rises in the evening air. Northern New Mexico is sand and sage, plains and mesas, flame-colored cliffs – surrounded by sky and clouds that herald the change of time and weather. The challenge of the photographer is to capture the intensity and beauty of land, of light and shadow. This season can be the best time to capture the light and color of this enchanted land.

During this workshop you will explore the remarkable beauty of autumn in and around Santa Fe and northern New Mexico with photographer Steve Bundy, photographing color, texture, light, and shadow. In class sessions Steve and all students will exchange feedback on one another’s digital images and discuss many aspects of the medium.

Field trips focus on how to capture the essence of a place — from picking the best vantage point to exploring the site; shooting from the hip for those marvelous spontaneous moments; and learning the patience to set up your tripod and wait for the magical light of New Mexico. Images you might see in your viewfinder: adobe haciendas and churches, desert vistas and winding rivers, mountains, sunrises, and sunsets.

Topics included in this workshop:

• Composition
• Light
• Equipment logistics
• Histograms
• Creating a portfolio
• HDR (high-dynamic-range imaging)


Whether you are pointing your camera at a magnificent rock formation or capturing the dynamic and often unpredictable weather that is common here, you’ll spend time challenging yourself and improving your image-making abilities. Steve will talk about personal style and learning how to visualize a photograph before you create it. On field shoots, you will receive one-on-one instruction and attention while you work with your camera, with emphasis on encouraging you to think more deeply about how you create photographs. Constructive image-sharing sessions in a collegial environment will provide valuable insight on ways you can improve your pictures. While we can’t predict when fall color will arrive in New Mexico, we can predict that you will thoroughly enjoy this autumnal workshop experience.

When: September 16 – 20, 2012

Where:  Santa Fe, NM 87501

Time: varies each day

Cost: $845. tuition

Phone: 505-983-2934

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