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African Drum and Dance / Starts August 13th, 2012

African Drum and Dance / Starts August 13th, 2012

WEST AFRICAN DRUMMING AND DANCES OF GUINEA – Dance and drumming is a daily part of life in Guinea, West Africa where artists are called upon to bring their energy to celebrations and ceremonies both in the city and village life.

Ibrahima “Soriba” Fofana
Shelley Luanne Fofana

  • Option to study with a focus on either drumming or dance, please inquire.
  • Traditional songs of Guinea.
  • Opportunity for individual classes in Gounie (Version of the Kora),Balafon and Gongoma.
  • Video footage from 2012 trip to Guinea.
  • African food and culture.
  • Student and Artist performance.
  • Massage and Yoga offered.

When: August 13 to August 17, 2012

Where: 507 Kathryn Street, Santa Fe NM 87501


Djembe and Dundun Drumming 5 – 6:30 pm.

Dance and Dundun Dance 6:30 -8 pm

Cost: $ 200

Phone: (505) 577-8046

Website/Blog Address:


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