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Artist Update: Vulnerability and Bullies by Linda Storm

Artist Update: Vulnerability and Bullies by Linda Storm

I once believed wholeheartedly that winning was the most important objective.  Since then I have had a few outstanding life lessons attempting to teach me vulnerability. They were the most emotionally painful experiences I have ever had, and shook me to the core of who I am. I woke up, just like Atalanta did when her attention was diverted by a golden apple as she was running to win a race of life and death.

As an artist and Montessori teacher I am a skilled observer, and very aware that an important part of our culture, one that is taught to us all, is the need to win, to be the victor at all costs. Unfortunately, compassion is often sidelined in order to achieve such goals, as is the ability to enjoy the moment.  And so, to the detriment of all life, the personality of the bully is developed, and he or she is determined to never show any signs of vulnerability. more

Painting by  Linda Storm more information on this painting here.

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