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The Music of Metals (week of intensive ironwork) / Starts July 22nd, 2012

The Music of Metals (week of intensive ironwork) / Starts July 22nd, 2012

Come and spend a week playing with steel in a professional blacksmith shop. Learn how to cut bars and plates, reshape metal with heat in the forge, and weld the pieces back together into something entirely new. Starting with either brand new stock or found objects from the scrap yard, every participant will get acquainted with the use of gas or coal forge and anvil, handheld power tools, heating and cutting torches including the plasma cutter, and various welding processes like MIG and TIG. In the end, you will have immersed yourself into a week of intensive ironwork and walk away with one or more pieces you made yourself.

Particular but not exclusive focus this year will be on creating percussion instruments, traditional or experimental. They could be bells, gongs and drum parts or stands, which might be used in the capoeira and drumming workshops during the week after – if you choose to sign up for it. Or else go wild and make something completely of your own fancy, like a whacky piece of sculpture or a beautiful utilitarian object. Evening presentations, including short movies and slide shows, will stimulate discussion and the creative process.

Previous metal working experience is welcome but not prerequisite.

Teaching staff: Helmut Hillenkamp and friends

When: July 22 – 28, 2012

Where:  2873A Industrial Road, Santa Fe NM 87507

Time: Sunday 6-9, Monday to Friday 9-12, 3-6, evening events, Saturday 9-12

Cost: $ 450 + $ 100 materials fee

Phone: (505) 474-3060

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