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Encaustic Painting Beyond Beginning: Going Large with Ellen Koment / Starts September 24th, 2012 (Five Days)

Encaustic Painting Beyond Beginning: Going Large with Ellen Koment / Starts September 24th, 2012 (Five Days)

Five Days: This is my most advanced workshop, and a unique opportunity for artists who are already working in encaustic to experience the joy of seeing there work on a larger scale, or to attempt any other expansion of their vision which they might like to pursue. We will address the special design and technical considerations involved in working on a larger scale, from sketch to finishing. Participants may work up to 36” x 36” on their own panels, but may choose to stay in the 24″x 24″ range.

Each student/artist will do at least one large painting during this week, going from an initial sketch, through considerations about putting on paint at this scale, on controlling temperatures on a larger scale, understanding how to control temperatures and use it to your advantage. We will discuss how and why certain paintings work better large, and others not so well. There will be a presentation of a series of large scale paintings done by a number of artists, as well as tours of the Santa Fe Galleries that show large scale encaustic paintings. We will also discuss finishing the painting, preparing it for shipping and hanging.

The fee includes encaustic medium, and most paints, use of tools and materials, but participants must provide their own panels. Cradled panels and flat plywood panels can be ordered from me, but must be ordered at least three weeks prior to the workshop. You can ship your panels from suppliers directly to the studio, if you prefer. A materials list will be provided, with information about ordering panels, upon registration. You will get a print out of all the material covered, as well as suppliers at the workshop.

For people from out of town, I can help arrange for shipping their paintings home. The workshop will be held in my new studio for workshops!

When: Sept 24-28,2012

Where: 2200 West ALameda Santa Fe 87507
Time: 9-4

Cost: Fee: $825, which includes paints and all supplies except larger panels.

Phone: 505-501-4620

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