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Recycled Metal Art Sculptures: Welding, Plasma Cutting & Metal Sculpture with Gilbert Candelaria / Starts August 13th, 2012

Recycled Metal Art Sculptures: Welding, Plasma Cutting & Metal Sculpture with Gilbert Candelaria / Starts August 13th, 2012

As a self taught Recycled artist I’m offering a week long course of teaching those who have always wanted to know and learn something about welding and using metal working tools and techniques. Now keeping in mind that I’m a recycle artist, this class is designed to help that person who has a project or sculpture idea and doesn’t know where to start but wants to use junk items or objects other than plastic there is no limits. I will assist you with your idea and show you the way to a new path of working with steel and found objects. Now if you don’t have an idea/project in mind – no worries, we’ll come up with a project while you’re learning to play with the tools. Being self taught I, I know the fear of taking the first step into the unknown world of working with loud, dangerous, sparking emitting and powerful tools. Mistakes, I’ve made many. Yet, without them one would not learn. SO Take the challenge and join me in taking the first step that will enhance your artist world.

Course summary:

Spend a week learning basic metal working techniques:

Learn basic Mig welding, use an Oxy/Acte torch, cut steel using a plasma cutting machine, and learn simple metal shaping techniques on an anvil or a vise. Then mix in some free thinking sculpture design and techniques. If possible I would recommend a student have a project already in mind. Now, if you don’t have an art project idea, no biggie. After you play with the tools I’m sure we can come up with a cool project to complete.

Day one – Intro, do’s and don’ts overview and learn about Mig welding.
Day two – General talk on steel and art projects. Learn Oct/Acte torch use and plasma cutting.
Day three – General talk on metal working using anvil, angle grinders and other metal working tools. Student starts to draw out projects and collects the materials needed.
Day four – Everyone starts on projects and plays with tools.
Day five – General dialogue and everyone completes’ projects by the end of day.

Recommend leather shoes & long sleeve shirts.

The workshop will be held at the Tarnoff Art Center located in Rowe New Mexico. Students (4) will have full access to the studio facility while attending the workshop. Suggestions can be made for reasonable lodging, and Santa Fe has plenty of rooms available although the city
is about 20 minutes away. The daily schedule will consist of instruction from 9:00-12:00, lunch from 12:00-1:00 and continued art making from 1:00-4:00.

When: August 13-17, 2012

Where: Tarnoff Art Center, 4 Wildflower Lane, Rowe, NM 87562

Time: 9AM – 4PM M-F

Cost: $425 no meals $475 w/meals all materials included *Space is limited to 4 Students, we reserve spaces on a first come first serve basis. Payment is due in full at time of reservation.

Phone: 505-919-8888

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