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A Question of Story / July 28, 2012

A Question of Story / July 28, 2012

“It’s all a question of story. We are in trouble just now because  we are in between stories. The Old Story the account of how the world  came to be and how we fit into it-sustained us for a long time. It  shaped our emotional attitudes, provided us with life purpose,  energized action, consecrated suffering, integrated knowledge, guided  education. We awoke in the morning and knew where we were. We could answer the questions of our children. We could identify crime, punish transgressors. Everything was taken care of because the story was there. But now it is no longer functioning properly, and we have not yet learned the New Story” – Thomas Berry

What we will in fact be creating together is the new story with love and respect for each other and the Earth and the animals… a playshop to help us create a new story in a playful collaboration with each other and the the Earth. The values of truth love compassion will be guides as well as art from the earth (cob, wet adobe) and learning how egocentric we all are in our perspective and how corporations and capitalism are evil by their nature; they have no moral values, and also learning to make the earth and the universe our vision point; As simple as referring to body parts as compass points as the aborigines do.

When / Time: Saturday July 28th 11am to 2 pm

Phone: 505.954.4495

Where: Contact for details


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