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Intro to Encaustic and More with Ellen Koment / Starts August 6th, 2012 (four days)

Intro to Encaustic and More with Ellen Koment / Starts August 6th, 2012 (four days)

This four day workshop will be an introduction, if you haven’t done encaustic before, or you need a refresher on basic techniques, For more advanced encaustic painters, it will be an opportunity to enhance your work with a variety of new techniques, including working up to 24″ X 24″. Individual instruction and criticism will help you move your encaustic painting to a new level. The workshop will cover all the basics, including information about how to make paint, about the commercial paints and their applications, about supports, grounds and techniques: paint application, fusing, glazing, inscribing and mixed media, materials, demos of applying paint, glazing, fusing, How to get that smooth surface!

Learn some new techniques: Introducing mixed media, working with oil bar, pigment, creating lines and texture and image transfer. We will emphasize how these techniques can be developed to create a unique encaustic language for each student. We will talk (and demo) how to create glaze layers, as well as some special techniques like inscribing and using dry pigment..and, you will leave with a printout containing all the information you need as well as a list of suppliers.

For people with encaustic experience or significant painting experience in other media, it will be an opportunity to take your work to the next level Many people stay at a certain level with their encaustic painting because they see working at a larger scale as intimidating. It does present certain challenges, but when you understand how to overcome them, it can be a richly rewarding experience. This workshop will allow you to work up to 24″ x 24″. It will address all aspects of working larger, from the planning and drawing stages, through preparation of the surface; understanding temperature control and how it facilitates working larger, handling color and glazing, as well as special effects, and finishing.A number of new techniques will be presented: use of dry pigment and oil paint on incised line, mixed media approaches, basic color and glaze theory, creating texture and working with photographic and other mixed media. This workshop will be held in our spacious new teaching space. adjacent to my studio, near downtown Santa Fe.

When: August 6-9, 2012

Where: 2200 West ALameda Santa Fe 87507

Time: 9:30-4

Cost: Fee $625, which includes all materials except larger panels. A materials list will be provided, with things you might like to have!

Phone: 505-501-4620

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