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Painting with Glass / Starts August 3, 2012

Painting with Glass / Starts August 3, 2012

While the tradition of painting on glass spans many centuries, only fairly recently have materials and processes been developed (largely at Bullseye) that allow artists to paint with glass. In this class, you will work with colored glass sheets, powders, frits, and stringers to build a palette of techniques that allow a wide range of painterly effects. After working through a series of very specific hands-on exercises, you will make several pieces to further develop your understanding of the materials. This workshop is great for artists from other media who want to translate their work into glass and is also valuable for beginning through advanced kilnworkers. No prerequisites.

When: August 3–6, 2012

Where: Bullseye Resource Center, 805 Early Street, Building E, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Time: Friday 10am–6pm / Saturday & Sunday 10am–4pm / Monday 10am–Noon

Cost: $450.00

Phone: 505-467-8951

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