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Pâte de Verre, Methods to Form By / Starts July 17, 2012

Pâte de Verre, Methods to Form By / Starts July 17, 2012

The French term “pâte de verre” translates literally as “paste of glass.” This method, which involves creating thin-walled vessels by hand packing multiple layers of fine glass grains into the interior of a mold, allows tremendous room for exploration. As a student in this workshop, you will explore a variety of processes used by Lomné to create her signature work. These include model making, mold construction, color mixing, inlay design, texture control, firing cycles and coldworking. Extensive experience with glass is not necessary, though a fondness for involved processes and a willingness to risk are helpful.

When: July 17–21, 2012

Where: Bullseye Resource Center, 805 Early Street, Building E, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Time: Tuesday–Friday 9am–5pm / Saturday 9am–1pm

Cost: $800.00

Phone: 505-467-8951

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