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Santa Fe Photo-Intensive Workshops with Don Kirby Photography

Santa Fe Photo-Intensive Workshops with Don Kirby Photography

Take your photography to the next level! Photo-Intensive workshops are tailored to the specific desires of a limited number of participants, working with Don Kirby for a day or more of concentrated photography. As the only student, or working with a small number of partners, you define the subjects, techniques, and materials to be covered during the workshop and also the pace of instruction.

An intensive workshop could include field work (composition, pre-visualization, camera operation), portfolio review, existing negative review, techniques for better negative exposure and development, the Zone System, hands-on B/W printing, and unsharp masking. Workshops can be extended up to five days, allowing full integration of the photographic process from composition, pre-visualization,exposure, development, printing, mounting and finishing the final print.

Working in my home and darkroom-studio in Santa Fe and photographing in areas around Santa Fe you will have access to state-of-the-art equipment, materials, and photographic subjects to create the finest possible photographs.

Phone: 505.986.9596

Where: In my Santa Fe studio (7 miles NW of Santa Fe) and areas near Santa Fe.


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