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High Desert Light with Santa Fe Photographic Workshops / Starts September 23, 2012

High Desert Light with Santa Fe Photographic Workshops / Starts September 23, 2012

There is no better place to study the interplay of light and land than the exquisite high desert of Santa Fe. And with the inspiring light and landscapes of Northern New Mexico beckoning, rest assured this workshop is first and foremost about photographing.

Marc Muench takes us to a wide variety of locations, where we concentrate on working with the light to make a great subject stand out. We visit those locations multiple times to study the effects that different times of day—and different types of weather—have on our subjects. We go to at least one of our chosen spots at night to take advantage of New Mexico’s clear, starry skies, using this special time to examine one of the more unusual aspects of high desert light.

Our classroom time is spent reviewing images and reinforcing learned techniques, such as how to utilize different types of light and effectively post-process those images, with a special emphasis on the night exposures. We practice pre-visualization and strengthen our compositional skills by learning how to read our images, breaking them down into regions to post-process different areas separately. We also work in Adobe Lightroom and pick up some helpful Adobe Photoshop techniques.

Guided by Marc’s expertise on location, we deeply examine the role of light in turning a good image into a truly outstanding image.

When:  September 23 – September 28, 2012

Where: Santa Fe Photographic Workshops / 50 Mt. Carmel Rd, F2 Santa Fe, NM 87505

Time:  8:30am-5:30pm

Cost:  $1,095

Phone:  505-983-1400 ext 11

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