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Lessons in the Heart & Science of Resiliency from the Aspen Tree / Sunday – September 16, 2012

Lessons in the Heart & Science of Resiliency from the Aspen Tree / Sunday – September 16, 2012
The great work of our times is to come home to our Selves, to again discover our belonging within the great web of Life, personally and collectively.

The Aspen grove and tree, perhaps the world’s largest individual organism, offers us a primeval and imaginative window into our own deep identity, into a dynamic vision of a world of thrive-ability. As soul medicine for our times, aspens reveal the dimensional nature of the Self and of Community. They invite us into the vigorous experience and knowledge of our wholeness. This is a radical affirmation of the heart of resiliency; it is the moist intimacy of relational intelligence, of existential courage and of our Oneness in celebration of diversity.

The Sunday program is an independent experiential and reflective, provocative and inspiring exploration of the wholeness of who we are as human beings. We will interweave a poetic tapestry of ecology, biology, neurobiology, resiliency science and mythology with a dash of quantum physics for spice.

The facilitative weaver for this class is Larry Glover, LISW, Director of the Wild Resiliency Institute. Larry co-creatively partners with visionary individuals and organizations for our evolutionary journey into a more beautiful world.

This program is sponsored by the Santa Fe Soul Foundation’s Wellness Education Program.

When / Time: Sunday, September 16 / 9-5

Fee: $40 for Sunday alone ($50 for Saturday 4-6, and 9-5 Sunday. Some scholarships available)

CEUs: NM Counseling, Therapy and SW CEUs available for $10 additional fee.

Phone: 505-466-1813

Where: Randall Davey Audubon Center Classroom – 1800 Canyon Road



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