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Testimonial / DeYoung Outdoor Photography Workshops

Testimonial / DeYoung Outdoor Photography Workshops

“Michael is an accomplished photographer and instructor and has the ability to teach to a group with vary experience levels. I would recommend his workshops for those who want to improve their photography skills. The quality and creativity of my photography has definitely improved through the lessons I’ve learned in his workshops.” – Lynn W. (Anchorage, AK)

“Michael knows how to work with models and plan and execute killer shots in outdoor environments using available and artificial light to the best advantage. He provides a fun, informal, yet challenging learning environment. Michael has a deep passion for his photography and this provides inspiration and motivation for others to take their photography to the next level. He uses a great mix of classroom lectures, slide shows, critiques of student work, and field demonstrations that provides a great learning experience.” – John D. (Anchorage, AK)

DeYoung Outdoor Photography Workshops

At DeYoung Outdoor Photography Workshops we take you beyond the mechanics of photography. We’ll help expand your creative seeing and thinking. You’ll learn techniques that will strengthen your outdoor photography and personal vision. Though workshops may involve lifestyle, adventure or fitness themes and location lighting, many of the skills and techniques are transferable and applicable to other genres of outdoor photography including landscape and nature subjects.

When/Where: Contact for details

Time: Typically 9AM – 5PM

Cost: From $465 – $995

Phone: 907-360-3609

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