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Testimonial: “Understanding Personality Type — Yours and Others’ ” with Beyond the Horizons Consulting

Testimonial: “Understanding Personality Type — Yours and Others’ ” with Beyond the Horizons Consulting

“Myers-Briggs profile, I learned to look at others with an eye to their unique personalities. The knowledge gained from Ms. Thumm’s seminars has served me well in understanding my co-workers, family members, and friends. It has been a valuable tool for living. And we had fun in the workshop, too!” — Mary S.

“This workshop was amazingly helpful to me, in that it named and actually defined my process of personal integration and individuation. Knowing that there is both rhyme and reason for my inner need for balance gives me peace. Now I feel free to move forward in my life.” — R.C., artist

” This course was helpful in teaching me the different ways that people process information and experiences and translate them into behavior. It helps me to be more tolerant of others who are not like me.” — D.J.S.

“I like the fact that it was geared positively — that every type combination has something of value to offer while needing to develop weak areas”. — N.E.M.

“Understanding Personality Type — Yours and Others’ “

If you have ever wondered how someone else can see an event so differently from your perspective, this workshop is for you. You will learn the eight dimensions of personality type as developed from the work of Carl G. Jung by Myers and Briggs. You will come away with an understanding of your own personality and the tools to understand and communicate more effectively with others — at home and at work. This work can be done in a group or in an individual setting.

  • Note: Presenter offers a free one-half hour consultation

When: Throughout the year, as arranged by clients

Time: As arranged by clients

Cost: Contact For Details

Phone: 505-466-4990

Where: Beyond the Horizons Consulting Headquarters

30 Estambre Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87508, USA


This is for ADULTS ONLY

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