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Individual Intuitive Painting Sessions with Julie Claire / Available Tuesdays-Fridays / DIY: A Creative Tourism Journey / March 2013

Individual Intuitive Painting Sessions with Julie Claire / Available Tuesdays-Fridays / DIY: A Creative Tourism Journey / March 2013

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This is a luxurious 2 1/2 hour experience designed to help you playfully and soulfully jump into intuitive painting with artist and creativity coach Julie Claire as your guide. Painting large scale with acrylics, you will be surprised at what happens when you open yourself to color and creative process. For beginners and for artists who want to experience beginners mind and ignite their creativity.

People often say: “But I don’t know how to paint.” You don’t have to know how. Julie facilitates an environment where each time you paint without knowing how or what to do, something comes through anyway. Each time we step up to paint, something unique and unforeseen emerges.

Painting large scale using basic brushes and acrylic paints, these transformative experiences help women and men find freedom from the inner critic, learn to trust their inner voice and renew their playful spirit. This happens in sacred space and invites a practice of letting go of the need to make something happen, the need to be in control. This is a great way to experience beginner’s mind and the magic of
saying YES.

Have you always wanted to paint? Has it been years since you touched a paintbrush? Julie Claire’s intuitive painting workshops and private sessions inspire people to ignite their creativity and connect with their bold, adventurous self.

We all need time to reconnect, rejuvenate and be inspired. Whether you are experiencing process painting for the first time or the hundredth time, you are invited into the studio for a creativity experience that is playful and soulful, unexpected and colorful.

This Santa Fe art studio is located on Upper Canyon Road, along the Santa Fe River in an old and beautiful natural setting close to downtown Santa Fe. Julie also has a large and sun-filled art studio in El Rito New Mexico where she lives.

No painting experience necessary.


Julie Claire is an artist and a trained creativity and life coach working in Santa Fe and El Rito New Mexico. She primarily works with women and men at midlife, who want to live, work and create from a deeply heart-connected place. She has been leading workshops and facilitating creative experiences for over five years.

Each painting is really an evolution of feelings, stories and focus. Perhaps you could call this process “life painting”. As we paint, so we live.

When: March 2013

Tuesdays through Fridays

Where: Upper Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Time: By arrangement

Cost: $150

Max. Attendees: 1

Phone: 575-581-0024

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