Creative Tourism

Workshops, Classes and Experiences in Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Origin of Santa Fe Creative Tourism

Santa Fe Creative Tourism (SFCT), a program of the City of Santa Fe Arts Commission, is an economic initiative designed to provide artists and arts businesses with the means to develop and promote workshops and other hands-on educational experiences. These activities establish incentive for new and returning visitors to come and experience Santa Fe’s unique arts and culture. In order to develop mutually beneficial relationships between the existing arts and tourism infrastructures, the program seeks partnerships and collaborations with the hospitality industry and other entities throughout the community. The Arts Commission formed SFCT as a result of the City of Santa Fe’s 2005 appointment to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) Creative Cities Network, and the program continues to build upon the successful 2008 International Conference on Creative Tourism held in Santa Fe by fostering the further development of creative tourism infrastructure.

Santa Fe Creative Tourism Today

UNESCO defines creative tourism as “travel directed toward an engaged and authentic experience, with participative learning in the arts, heritage, or special character of a place.” Since its inception, SFCT has been connecting artists and businesses with tourists using digital media marketing as well as more traditional forms of promotion. Through the development of workshops, classes, demonstrations, and the means to market them, SFCT provides artists and businesses with skills to grow their share of the market, contributing to an important paradigm shift in the tourism industry.

Santa Fe Creative Tourism Conference 2008

Santa Fe Creative Tourism Webinar 2012 – Part 1


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