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As an artist sponsoring classes and workshops, imagine what it’s like from the perspective of someone hundreds or thousands of miles away. They’re certain they want to come to Santa Fe and northern New Mexico and may not know which class or workshop to schedule.

This is where you present a teaser in the form of “Tips and Techniques.” Consider it a friendly way of someone getting to know you at a distance. By presenting photos and captions leading someone through the process of creation, someone at the other end is imagining what it will be like to work with you, learn from you, and be inspired by The Land of Enchantment.

It’s challenging to teach someone well in digital photos and captions. Most often such learning requires a demonstration and hands-on experience. This is where “Tips and Techniques” comes in. It’s a section of the creative tourism web site that simulates a workshop and creates a desire to know more that leads to registering for your program.

You’ll need a digital camera, the supplies necessary to carry out the online demonstration, and some follow up time to write the brief photo captions. Take someone from the beginning to the end of a simple process. Consult the sample “Tips and Techniques” here on our site.

Send your “Tips and Techniques” to us. We’ll post them. And then watch as more people visit your site and put your program on their list of serious considerations when they visit Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. You’ll be glad you took the time for a friendly outreach to the thousands of visitors who stop by Santa Fe Creative Tourism each month!

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