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“Finding Order In Times of Chaos” a fiber workshop with Marguerite Wilson

Posted by in on 2-9-11

“Finding Order In Times of Chaos” a fiber workshop with Marguerite Wilson

In it we will explore principles of Sacred Geometry using the square, the octagon, and the circle. Through primarily working with cloth, we will discover what it means to create order and harmony. This workshop is for anyone who can use a sewing machine or is willing to learn as well as for the already accomplished fiber artist wanting to try something new. Materials list will be provided upon registration.

Workshops are ongoing, and will be either two days, three days, or five days. Please call to find out details. Special requests will be given high priority when possible. A catered lunch as well as chai and Mexican hot chocolate can be included in the price of the workshop.

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$60 - $75 per day. The latter includes lunch

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Marguerite Wilson

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