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Alla Prima Oil Portrait Painting with Gary Kim

Posted by in on 8-18-12

Alla Prima Oil Portrait Painting with Gary Kim

The purpose of this class is to study the building stages of creating a portrait painting from life. At the beginning stage, students will learn monochromatic approach to capture the gesture and likeness of the model. Then, flesh tones are added to develop a fuller value range and temperatures for the illusion of light on form.

Color, along with flesh color mixing technique, is woven into this process entering the middle stages of the painting and working towards completion. In addition, students will learn the use of edges, anatomy, and the concept of larger-to-smaller relationships for high quality of portrait painting.

  • Individual critiques and live demonstrations.
  • Concentration on the magical qualities of oil portrait.
  • An easel and taboret are provided to student during classes.

Gary Kim


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6pm - 9pm


Weekly studio classes / Monday-Thursday

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8 Sessions for $400 - Students can have special opportunities of exhibition at Gary Kim Fine Art Gallery after completing 3 consecutive classes and members of each workshop will be invited to the regular gallery exhibitions.

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Gary Kim

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(505) 471-9878

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