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Food Fitness and Faith with Shibana 1 Wellness

Posted by in , on 2-12-11

Food Fitness and Faith with Shibana 1 Wellness


Spring! That magical, dynamic time of the year when the pulse of life quickens, the first buds get ready to blossom, the rays of sun get stronger and brighter, the womb of the earth begins to warm up! To help this transition, the ancient sages in India came up with different rituals and festivals to celebrate the changing seasons so that as we danced, sang, and prayed during the festivals we would inherently know it was time to change the foods we ate, the way we dressed, and how we went about our daily life.

To stay in balance during this transition, which is organic and flowing for nature, we humans must synchronize our song with the dance of nature.

To blossom into the spring with ease, and spread your fragrance this summer, Shibana 1 Wellness invites you to taste some or all of these special offerings:

  • Ayurveda treatments of your choice to balance the doshas
  • Private yoga, workout or combination sessions
  • Catering or private cooking classes
  • Women’s workout group
  • Weekly food delivery
  • Ayurveda-based cleanses

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Pamela Hester King:

I wish for every individual healing in mind, soul and body, as I was (and still am), an experience such as I have had in working with Shibana. In the moment I may not like it when she tells me to “hold the pose for a few more breaths’, or “good things come in pairs so we’ll repeat that exercise” (I sometimes even dread it!) – however, I always look forward to the satisfaction and wholeness I feel when we had completed our practice together. She has been a gift to me.

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