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Hearts of Transformation with Navya (for women and girls)

Posted by in on 2-6-12

Hearts of Transformation with Navya (for women and girls)

Classes include:

  • Rites of Passage
  • Intuitive Readings
  • Personal Transformation.

Classes combine art, movement, and mediation. Rites of Passage for Mother & Daughter, will include acting out of physical separation between mother and daughter and how both can honor each other’s staging in life.



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Navya LaShay

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: 505-718-2095


"Navya, I am so blown away by the accuracy of the reading you gave me. You were so clued in to what was happening in my life and now I am marveling at the course of events that have unfolded since then. I will definitely be talking to you, to get a read on the coming year along with your thoughtful advice and direction. You have found your calling my friend and you walk in beauty."

- Shonagh / Redmond, WA

"Navya LaShay is a gifted Oracle. She shines her heart-centered light to provide insightful and profound information for her clients. She has a gift in bringing to the surface what is hidden or in one’s shadow. Navya offers deep insight, tools and guidance to navigate through the weeds and into the sacred space of the heart."

- Alisa / Seattle, WA

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