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Healing the Earth with Mudman Johnson

Posted by in on 2-11-11

Healing the Earth with Mudman Johnson

Throughout the history of the world people have found meaning in belonging to the larger Earth body. We must come back home to the Earth by joining with others and the Earth in a community of healing. People of the Earth…Unite!

Cob is a Celtic earth-building material (earth, clay, sand, straw) used traditionally for over a thousand years in the construction of affordable, homes, ovens and benches and sculptures. Working together as a community we will construct individual and group healing objects. The earth heals in ways we will never understand.

We can construct an “Earth prayer for World Peace,” a collaborative earthen structure in which we embed prayers, poems and objects. This gesture is an act of peace providing hope and testimony to the power of community healing. Imagine! The Earth building process helps us feel connected to nature once again by using mindfulness, visualizations, humor, ritual, storytelling and drumming.

“It is beautiful all around me” is an essential teaching from the Navajo nation that reminds us that beauty; love, harmony and belonging are essential to life. It is also great fun!!!

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