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Made in the Future: Working in Virtual Space with Tony Buchen

Posted by in on 9-18-12

Made in the Future: Working in Virtual Space with Tony Buchen

These workshops are for people who would like to experience what can be created in virtual space – a realm where the laws of physical space do not apply. You will learn how to build a simple three-dimensional virtual model. Using contemporary technologies, a virtual model can be produced as a physical object – a sculpture, a piece of jewelry, or a functional item. It is possible to submit models made during the workshop to an online company to be fabricated and shipped to you within a week or two. A model can also be developed as the point of departure for an animated character or used as the subject for virtual photography. I will present a brief introduction to the photography unique to cyberspace. These small workshops are designed to provide for individual attention. You can begin your model with a pre-existing pencil sketch, a photograph, or an image done spontaneously in the computer.


My name is Tony Buchen. I have been a sculptor for 32 years – with an academic background in math and physics. In 2000 I began using virtual 3D modeling as my primary medium. I offer these techniques to anyone who wants to see or touch their idea, regardless of scale or complexity. Website for 3D modeling and personal artwork:

The studio where my collaborator and I develop and present the virtual object as photography, video and sculpture is located in the Railyard Art District just off Guadalupe Street.

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$200. Additional instruction: $70/hr

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Tony Buchen

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