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Starfire Healing: Bringing Balance to All Our Worlds

Posted by in on 9-23-11

Starfire Healing: Bringing Balance to All Our Worlds

Today, as we continue to receive higher and higher energies from the cosmic,we have greater opportunities to come together and evolve our states of consciousness. Art and healing are two pursuits which bring us into the gifts of the present moment where personal power and beauty originate.

We are realizing that although our personalities all have different paths, there is only one place our individual journeys and that is in oneness. No matter where we live, what we do, how we spend our daily lives we are all brothers and sisters. We are called human beings, humanity,but we do not always act in humane ways. Now is the time to correct that behavioral error and together we can help bring the Earth and all beings into balance.

A powerful approach to accomplish this is for each person to accept the responsibility for their own self and to honor their life, the lives of their loved ones, and the life of Earth by balancing their own body/mind/spirit each day. How to accomplish this can be learned from a healer or shaman or coach. In these fast paced days, most people involved in helping others are focused on helping their clients to evolve in the most efficient and effective ways possible for them. AND because we are all connected in the quantum field of consciousness, everything we do for ourselves we also do for the whole.

Some people prefer to evolve in groups, so we offer not only individual sessions, we also have weekly healing circles and guided meditations where the energies of the group raises the healing energies for all, while each person receives what is best for them at that particular time.

  • For weekly healing circles schedules, please contact below:
  • Please let us know when you will be attending groups so we can schedule more groups, if necessary, to accommodate all. Please phone to schedule individual sessions.
  • There is no fee for meditations and healing groups.



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