Dutch Botanicals, by Elizabeth Mesh, Artists for Hire

I have been wandering around my very little garden “harvesting” the color, shape and texture of the plants that choose to bloom there. The Dutch tulips this year, bolstered by rain and humidity, had strong stems, saturation of color, and lasted forever. I ink-rendered many of them in different angles for a subsequent watercolor I am now working on.

As you may know, my ancestry is one of the main reasons I create art. Being partially Dutch, I am learning about the Dutch culture through their lacework, native botanicals and artwork. Some study the last several months about different aspects of Dutch culture gives me insight into my ancestors and their lives.

I am mostly known for the pysanky/egg work I do. But many people do not know I create two-dimensional work. I will be showing some of these pieces at the Santa Fe Studio Tour for exhibit and purchase. Art is always better in person, so come on by on the last week of June to Studio #9 to see it!

P.S. I will not be open the first weekend of the Tour.

See you then!

Elizabeth Mesh
Owner, Artists for Hire
(505) 795-8137
[email protected]
“Seize the Moment with Art”

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