Capoeira Regional Classes

March 23, 2015 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
The Garage
501 Kathryn Avenue
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Cost is $60 per month or $15 drop-in
Helmut Hillenkamp
Capoeira Regional Classes @ The Garage | Santa Fe | New Mexico | United States

New teacher is “Águia”, aka Helmut Hillenkamp, sometimes with the help of his family or occasional guest teachers, working under supervision of mestre Virgulino in Albuquerque.

Come and be part of a growing group of people practicing this Brazilian art form of martial art, dance, exercise, music and fun. Build strength and flexibility in your body, cunning and trickery in your game, learn the portuguese songs and play the instruments: berimbau, atabaque, pandeiro, agogo bells.

Capoeira was brought to Brazil by African slaves and its practice gave them a source of inner strength and self confidence. It is reported to have been part of the resistance fight against their oppressors and of forming the famed quilombos, liberated villages in the jungle. In the early 1900s it almost went extinct because of political reasons and police persecution. Its revival began with the forming of the first officially sanctioned capoeira academy by mestre Bimba. Both a deeply traditional African Brazilian and a famous prize fighter, he made capoeira big and successful among Brazilian youth.

The next generation of practitioners carried capoeira out into the world, and today there is hardly a big city anywhere without at least one capoeira group. Just like other martial arts, it can develop people’s attitude, steadfastness, physical prowess and character. It also opens awareness for the culture of its motherland Brazil.

Through the beautiful circular movements of attack and defense and the rhythmic music, it often resembles more a dance than a ritualized fight. We started to practice with Celestine in fall 2013, so this is a good time for beginners to join and get better together with everyone else.


Capoeira Cangaço Santa Fe opened its doors in the summer of 2013 with the arrival of Estagiário 2nd degree Celestine Ngam. We are in the process of building a group of people who are studying and practicing capoeira in a committed way. There are training opportunities several times a week here and in Albuquerque, occasional rodas and batizados to get together with other people, and in 2015 a trip to Brazil to mestre Virgulino’s formatura in his home town Natal.

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