Five Questions with Steven Bundy

Landscape photographer Steven Bundy specializes in rural, rustic, and vintage Americana images. His work has been featured at the Old Pass Gallery in Raton, NM, and the Ordover Gallery at the San Diego Museum of Fine Art, among many others, and has received such accolades as “3rd Place Honor of Distinction” at the 2013 International Photography Masters Cup. Santa Fe Creative Tourism is proud to present Steven Bundy Photo Tours, full and half-day tours in and around northern New Mexico. For more information, please visit or


Five Questions with Steven Bundy

SFCT:  What do you wish you had known when you were first starting out as an artist?

SB:  I was a civil engineer for 37+ years before finally deciding to take my photography from the amateur level to professional and leave the security of a full-time job behind. If I had known then what I know now it would have made making that life-changing decision that much easier and would have definitely sped up my timeline to becoming a full-time artist.

SFCT:  What has been your most memorable or influential workshop/educational experience as an artist?

SB:  From 2007 through 2012, I was associated with a photographer and his 20+ year-old photography workshop program.

Five Questions with Steven Bundy
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“Windmill Sunset.” All images © Steven Bundy. Used with permission.

During those 5 years I went from being an excited student to an enthusiastic teaching assistant, and then finally to part-owner of that workshop program. In the end, I decided it best to go back out on my own, but the lessons learned during that time were innumerable, from both photographic and business standpoints.

SFCT:  How do you prepare for working in the studio or in the field? Describe your process: are you methodical or adaptive, analytical or intuitive? 

SB:  I apply a little of each of these processes into each area of my photographic work. A typical day in the field is very similar to the way I conduct my photo tours: very intuitive with some adaptive changes based on the areas I travel to and the weather and light I happen upon. Nothing is set in stone in the field… fun and flexibility are words I live by. Once back in the studio I become very analytical and methodical in the processing of these images, using a very organized method of filing and processing the photos.

Have you ever seen a work of art and thought, “I wish I had done that…”?

SB:  All the time. There are so many great photographers in the world (past and present), and New Mexico has more than its fair share. I have seen other photographers’ and painters’ works that I really appreciate and which move me. They have given me new ideas and spurred me on to try new things and get out on the road to see new places.

In his memoirs, Ernest Hemingway famously describes the starting point of each of his works: “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence you know.” How does this idea apply to your own art?

SB:  Each of my images are a view of the world as I see it. Sometimes the image pops into my head even before I click the shutter; other times it comes to me in post-processing, but each time it is my “True Sentence,” full of my feelings and all of my abilities.

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