New Mexico Artists for Hire Celebrates 10 Years in Business, by Elizabeth Mesh

Artist Elizabeth Mesh specializes in fine art Pysanky eggs and watercolors, both of which incorporate elements of her European ancestry. She is the owner of New Mexico Artists for Hire, a group of artists which teaches, entertains, and team builds using art. Santa Fe Creative Tourism is proud to present Ms. Mesh’s & Artists for Hire’s wide range of workshop offerings, including Traditional & Southwestern Egg Painting and Bike, Hike, and Raft with Art. For more information, please visit  or

New Mexico Artists for Hire Celebrates 10 Years in Business

by Elizabeth Mesh


Ten years ago, I had an idea that I thought would work. Take the structure of an art workshop and offer it by request to people and groups who are visiting town or who are local. Make the workshops fun, accessible, and affordable. Invite other expert artists who are excellent teachers to work so that we can all survive well. From this came New Mexico Artists for Hire.

I had one friend who called Artists for Hire a “hair brained idea that might actually work.” Indeed, it was slow going. I recall a major victory for me was getting a call from a client referred by City of Santa Fe Tourism. Two years later, Santa Fe Creative Tourism was hatched, and two years after that, their website,, was launched, with dozens of artists who were unknowingly using Artists for Hires’ business model. It is gratifying to see this idea that was so unconventional at the time turn into a living for many artists.

In ten years, Artists for Hire has taught over a thousand people. We have worked with large and small groups, families, and individuals from all around the world. Our teachings included authentic egg decorating, and Native American crafts like dream catchers and rattle making. We have been in studios, down a New Mexico river, and walked Abiquiu, Albuquerque, and all around Santa Fe City in pursuit of creative inspirations for painting, drawing, and collage. And soon we will be offering a short-form improvisation theater workshops.

For myself, I have many people and organizations helping me along the way to bring me to this point. And I am grateful to them all.

Join me in celebrating New Mexico Artists for Hire Anniversary by getting a percentage off for every year of business, or 10% off your workshop, if you mention this blog.

Thanks everyone!!!!!

Santa Fe Creative Tourism is a project of the City of Santa Fe Arts Commission. If you would like to take a workshop with Elizabeth Mesh, or another of our 200+ artists, please check out our calendar.

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