Capoeira Cangaço Santa Fe

Capoeira is a Brazilian art form that consists of dancing and fighting movements played to music with instruments of African origin.  It promotes all around fitness and community, positive energy and vitality, as well as international friendships and cultural exchange.  We are part of the Cordão de Ouro school and have had several international teachers help us practice in Santa Fe over the years.  Currently graduado Lagartixa (Juan Palacio from Colombia) is leading our local group.  His style is very gentle and methodical.  Next to the practice of the movements he focuses on learning the songs and different rhythms on the instruments.


Mondays: Music, 6:30-8pm
Wednesdays: Capoeira movements, 6:30-7:30pm
Saturdays: “Hora de jogar” — playing the game in the roda, visiting teachers, etc, 10-11:30am


Cost is $60 per month or $15 drop-in. First week for new students!


Helmut Hillenkamp




[email protected]



The Garage, 501/503 Kathryn Street, Santa Fe, NM, 87501


Mestre Virgulino’s school is called Capoeira Cangaço CDO, which is part of the group Cordão de Ouro. It was founded by him in January 2010. The school was named after a group of people called cangaçeiros, who were lead by Lampião (Virgulino Ferreira da Silva). Cangaçeiros were revolutionary people who fought a cruel war against the reign of feudal landowners in the northeastern region of Brazil.

Capoeira Cangaço Cordão de Ouro has academies all across the USA (Albuquerque NM, Santa Fe NM, Washington DC, Ventura CA, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Chicago). Academies are also located in Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Algeria, Hungary, Colombia, Mexico, Japan and Portugal.

Capoeira Cangaço Santa Fe opened its doors in the summer of 2013 with the arrival of Estagiário Celestine Ngam. Now Graduado Lagartixa has taken over and is teaching classes to students of all levels. The current focus next to the capoeira movements is on music, singing and the various instruments. We are a group of people who are studying and practicing capoeira in a committed way. There are training opportunities several times a week here and in Albuquerque, occasional rodas and batizados to get together with other people, and in 2015 a trip to Brazil to mestre Virgulino’s formatura in his home town Natal. We are also really excited to have as a special guest for our 2015 batizado grand mestre Suassuna in Albuquerque! Please stay posted for more details.


“I am 60 years old and got into capoeira seven years ago with Santa Fe teacher Pete Jackson.  Capoeira has made a huge difference in my life, there is a level of energy, excitement and fitness I did not know was possible for me before.” –Helmut Hillenkamp

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