Chiaroscuro Tuesdays with Andrea Lozano

Chiaroscuro Tuesdays with Andrea Lozano

A mini-course in representational art using a photo of your choice to learn painting basics: from increased power of observation to learning about materials and techniques. A solid but light-hearted session where you can start where you are in a tranquil atmosphere of non-judgment and a good dose of humor. Understanding that painting can feel intimidating to the beginner, this class is based on the answer to the question: “How do you eat an elephant?”: a bite at a time, of course! My premise is that painting is easy if you get placement, tone and color right!” Through guided lessons, the painting process is broken down into steps –starting with scaling and transferring an image from photo using a grid. Next we develop the shadows and highlights on a toned background using ‘chiaroscuro’ –Italian for light and dark– to establish forms and overall lighting. While the masters used oils with long drying times, we use acrylics which have many advantages and offer greater versatility. We finish by applying color or hue with layers of glazing to create rich and vibrant harmonies. I find it very satisfying to both students and teacher to see a quality 8″ X 10″ painting produced in a short time, while learning concepts to be applied when painting on their own. Whether you decide to stay with this technique or not, it is a great confidence builder, as well as a great tool for learning the basics of composition, value and color theory.


Andrea ‘Ani’ Lozano


(575) 343-5121


[email protected]



9am – noon every Tuesday, or by arrangement


Art of Living Studios, 42 Cerrado Loop, Santa Fe, NM 87508


$75; 10% off if you bring a friend!
Please provide 3 days’ notice–contact Andrea for a list of supplies to bring to the workshop. Max 4 students.


Andrea ‘Ani’ Lozano was born with a brush in her hand. Growing up in Mexico City she was surrounded by vibrant colors and scenes which fascinated her –from the ancient Xochimilco gardens to bullfights and markets. Childhood drawing evolved into formal training at an early age –at age thirteen, Andrea was the youngest art student at the University of Guadalajara for a few months. After finishing high school, where she used every possible excuse to illustrate her school work, she attended Olivet College in Michigan. After graduating cum laude with a BA in art, she was accepted into the Design program at WMU in Kalamazoo, which she left after two years of hot wax roller cut-and-paste to pursue a career in the new/improved computer-based graphic design. After a fire in downtown Lake Orion, MI, Andrea closed her Art of Living Studio/Gallery and moved to Florida. As a documentary producer she was able to use her skills in art, design and writing. Andrea has lived in Santa Fe for two-and-a-half years and is known as the “Rock Whisperer” for her painted river rocks. Her unique ‘Ani rocks Santa Fe’ portraits on rock were presented for the second consecutive year at the American Humane Society’s Hero Dog Awards in L.A. Andrea hopes to continue promoting her (lighter weight) canvas art as well as her enthusiastic teaching from home as well as at the public schools.


“Andrea, guiding you encouragingly thru the complete painting process gently but firmly and with a broad depth of technical knowledge and skills, leads you to your finished painting which can amaze you as a novice student. I have been so pleased with my three classes where I painted a still life of flowers from her garden, a portrait of my beloved dog, and a lone buffalo on the prairie.”
– Margaret Soriero


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October 14, 2014

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