Energy Heals: Private Workshop with Energy Healing, Healing Art and Healing Movements

Energy Heals: Private Workshop with Energy Healing, Healing Art and Healing Movements

Energy Healing with Maury is an awakening journey of your mind body and soul cleansing emotional/body memories to facilitate re-balancing and healing.

Qigong Energy Healing is the ancient Chinese art and science of re-balancing your subtle energy body, rejuvenating your physical body and healing emotional issues by releasing disease/energy obstructions, which are often trauma based.

Energy is the medium which connects the Mind, Emotions, Body and Spirit. Exploring Energy as a gateway to true self allows us to discover and resolve the issues which are keeping you stuck in dis-ease or an unconscious state.

My name is Maury Brooks. I awoke to my energy healing abilities 25 years years ago when I spontaneously helped my partner get rid of a three day headache. Since that time I have explored many unusual aspects of the Energy Healing Arts and Consciousness, developed my own Vibranetics™ Healing system, discovered The Allergy Code™, successfully healed my own extreme allergies and authored a unique self healing book. Transforming consciousness, personal development, and Psychology have been an important part of my journey.

Are you wondering: Is Maury’s work for me?

Saying YES is your critical step in working with me. I have healed thousands of difficult cases. With your permission when you are ready to let go, I intuitively feel your energetic beat. I read the story in your body and the troublesome becomes straightforward. I sense energy congestion, energy blocks, and energy holes. When you acknowledge energy, it moves or changes. Your subconscious let’s go and your body begins to heal.

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“Maury, one of the biggest things I have come to after working with you is that I want to be supported by the Earth, the universe, God, the world I live in, and by my spirit. You helped me break through enough fear so I could say that. And because I could trust you, and because you called me on my shit without judgment, I was able to let a man support me for the first time in my life.”
–Myan Binder

“My body feels like mine again ( even though i still don’t look like myself on the outside yet)…. first progress i’ve had since early December. Thank you Maury, for the masterful healing work!!!”
–Ann-Marie Shapiro


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August 28, 2013

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