Incredible Edible Still Life with Andrea Lozano

Incredible Edible Still Life with Andrea Lozano

Retreat to peaceful Eldorado, NM for an “Art of Living” exclusive all-day still life painting workshop to delight your senses. Create in a naturally-lit indoor studio set in a beautiful country setting. Enjoy a special home-grown, home-cooked vegetarian/organic lunch is included. Limited to five attendees.

Pick from a selection of fresh produce and flower subject matter; leave with a completed 11” X 14” painting and the know-how to paint many more on your own.

Session includes: Group instruction with demo; setting up props/lighting; establishing a strong composition; developing studio ergonomics for practicality and ease; one-on-one in-process guidance; refreshments: tea, coffee, kombucha, multi-grain cinnamon rolls; buffet lunch-break and greenhouse tour; critique.

Treat yourself to a day of painting in a no-stress atmosphere of solid instruction and joyful practice; identify/strengthen your personal painting style; receive constructive guidance to assist you with your goals in painting.

The focus of the instruction will be:

  1. Establishing a strong composition;
  2. Identifying values from darkest/lightest/middle tones);
  3. Using a limited palette of primaries (yellow, red & blue) plus black and white to reinforce color mixing;
  4. Use of complimentary color harmonies to create vibrant paintings
  5. Paint application from transparent to impasto;
  6. Brushwork as a unique/personal signature;
  7. Recognizing “good accidents” and knowing when a painting is completed;
  8. Tips on painting and creativity developed over 35 years of painting.

Andrea Lozano’s “Art of Living” workshop series revolve around finding and maintaining balance to make space for awareness, serenity and increased creative power. May your art journey be joyful!

Contact Name:
Andrea Lozano

Contact Email:
[email protected]

Contact Phone:
(575) 343-5121


$145, lunch & tax included. Receive 10% off when you sign up with a friend! Max 5 students/class.


As a young child growing up in Mexico City, Andrea spent many hours drawing and painting. She was inspired by excursions to the pyramids as well as the works of the great Mexican muralists such as Rivera and Siqueiros.

At age thirteen her father had her audit art classes at the University of Guadalajara ‘Escuela de Artes Plasticas’.Upon completing High School, Andrea attended Olivet College in Michigan, her mother’s birthplace. As an apprentice she studied several forms of printmaking, drawing, painting, sculpture and art history. After graduating with honors, Andrea continued to paint and exhibit her work as a graduate assistant in graphic design at Western Michigan University.

While raising three sons and freelancing in graphic design, Andrea ached to return to her life-long pursuit of art. This longing led her to the Helen Cunniff studio/gallery in Lake Orion, Michigan in 1999. After Cunniff’s passing, Andrea reopened the gallery as Art of Living studio/gallery, where she continued the tradition of life drawing sessions for local artist as well as painting commissioned portraits. In 2002 she co-founded the Michigan Chapter of the American Society of Portrait Artists (ASOPA).

Andrea recently settled down in Santa Fe, the “City Different” where she feels most at home as she pursues her art, Art of Living Painting Workshops, writing and living well.She maintains that, first and foremost, life is her art, whether it results in painting or simply remaining grateful for all the faces and places which have enriched her life experience.


“Just wanted to thank you again for the great workshop. You were well-organized and it was clear that you put a lot into the planning. I can tell you, I’ve taken more than one class that hasn’t been great!” –Deborah

“I liked the class very much and learned a huge amount and you are a wonderful teacher.” –Phil


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April 2, 2014

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