Luted Crucible Bronze Casting with Piers Watson

Luted Crucible Bronze Casting with Piers Watson

Working with only natural materials, students will learn how to cast bronze using an unusual technique that is relatively unknown outside of India and West Africa. Students will be guided through the various stages of the mould making, investing and casting process. The bronze casting will take place at regular intervals throughout the workshop and instruction will be given on the specifics of each stage of the technique including how to obtain temperatures high enough to melt bronze with a wood fire.

The class is open to all levels but not all ages. No previous experience with clay or metal is required, however due to the high temperatures of the furnace it is recommended that students be at least 15 years of age. Ideally first-time participants will come to the class expressing an interest in learning the technique, with or without strong ideas about what they would like to create.

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Piers Watson

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[email protected]

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10am – 2pm

$500 – $1,500

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Piers Watson has recently taught the technique at the Kansas City Art Institute as Adjunct Faculty and as a Visiting Artist. He has run workshops in London, England; Brooklyn, New York; Santa Fe, New Mexico; and El Bruc, Spain. He holds a Masters from Middlesex University, London, England, and a BFA from Kansas City Art Institute and is a native Santa Fean.


“What has become most evident and important is that outside of my own art exist whole worlds that can be overlooked by the daily activities. By studying this technique I was able to feel that in another completely different part of the world someone else was learning the same method. Someone who may not share the same daily life or lifestyle as myself.” –Kiki Serna, Sophomore Sculpture Major, Kansas City Art Institute, 2014


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July 13, 2014

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