New Mexico Encaustic Workshops with Ellen Koment

New Mexico Encaustic Workshops with Ellen Koment

Art is one of the cornerstones of Santa Fe Culture, both contemporary and historic. The ancient technique of wax encaustic has had a renaissance, and many of the new encaustic artists are here in Santa Fe. Ellen Koment was among the first to work in this medium in the Santa Fe area. Encaustic has roots 3000 years old, the earliest surviving pieces being the Fayum Paintings done by the Romans in Ancient Egypt. Today this luminous medium, where pigmented beeswax is fused together with heat, has had a full scale revival, and these workshops in the artist’s Santa Fe studio will enable you to learn all of the traditional techniques, as well as contemporary variations, so that you can make your own encaustic paint, and fully express yourself with this beautiful material.



Workshop Dates can be arranged for your group of three or more, and private half days can be arranged.


Ellen Koment


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“You have been very encouraging to me and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge so generously. You are still the best teacher around and I continue to recommend you to all. It has been important for me to take what you taught and spend time in my studio to find my unique expression and to make it my own.”
– Martha Rea Baker, artist, workshop participant

“Ellen is an experienced and talented artist with superior knowledge and expertise whose personalized workshops in Santa Fe are the best way to learn the ancient technique of wax encaustic painting.”
– Sherry Bloom, artist, co-owner, “The Wooden Cow Gallery”

“Ellen Koment was one of the first encaustic artists in Santa Fe and the medium has seen an explosion of interest ever since. Her workshops discuss all aspects of encaustic painting from its past history and recent popularity.”
– Brent Hanifl, Santa Fe Creative Tourism


Ellen Koment has been teaching workshops for fifteen years. She is a graduate of Cooper Union Art School, with a Masters in Painting from UC Berkeley. She shows in Santa Fe at the Box Gallery, and is a member of the art faculty at Santa Fe Community College.


Immediacy Without Recourse: Encaustic Workshops with Ellen Koment–Part One
Immediacy Without Recourse: Encaustic Workshops with Ellen Koment–Part Two


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March 10, 2011

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