Seeing the Light with Dave Robinson, Shutter & Brush Fine Art

Seeing the Light with Dave Robinson, Shutter & Brush Fine Art

Santa Fe is one of the oldest cities in the United States. You can almost feel and hear sounds and feelings of days gone by. The light in Santa Fe is pure and direct. The colors are rich and saturated. The atmosphere is pristine, clear and dry. At 7,000 feet above sea level, Santa Fe offers challenges to photographers, as well as amazing opportunities to take pictures that would make National Geographic envious.

Day one of the “Seeing the Light” workshop will be an introduction to the differences between how we see, as opposed to how we think we see. And how the camera sees. We will discuss how to reduce a scene to its essence and how to photograph the scene for impact. Armed with that knowledge we will walk around historic, picture rich Santa Fe and study possible scenes and how we might see them in a new light. The remains of the day will be spent shooting no more than five masterpieces each.

On the second day we will critique our digital images back at the studio. We’ll discuss those that work and why they work and we’ll talk about how to improve on the rest.

The most important thing that we’ll discuss is how to pre-visualize your image so that when you step up to the camera you’ll be ready to take the picture of your life.

Plan to sign up for the workshop, “Seeing the Light”, in advance and plan to take it early in your stay in Santa Fe. Your pictures will amaze you and your friends when you get home and your friends will want to join you on your next trip to Santa Fe, just to see the amazing city that you photographed.

I’m prepared to offer this workshop through out the tourist season and will schedule when interest arises.



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February 17, 2011

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