Splash Ink with Watercolor with Ming Franz

Splash Ink with Watercolor with Ming Franz

Ming will give explanation and demonstration of the unique features of Splash Ink with Watercolor, and the materials, mixing of Asian ink and primary watercolors, random and controlled pouring. Students will experience splashing ink on rice paper, drying and separation of the sheets, the resulting abstract, and listen to the color. She will also explain finishing touch and students will have a discussion of various ways to finish the painting, special effects, such as salt, alcohol, etc. Students will finish their painting in an inspiration setting and follow by group view and critic of everyone’s painting.

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Ming Franz

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[email protected]

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1 day (9:30am – 4:30pm) $95. 2 days $185. 3 days $275. 10% off when you sign up with a friend, group discount also available. Max 6 students/workshop.


Ming Franz specializes in Splash Ink with Watercolor painting which combines Asian ink and primary watercolors and watercolor techniques. She received her basic art training in Taiwan and has continued her art in the United States.

She teaches workshops, classes and conducts demonstrations in New Mexico also teach at art Expos and art organizations in California, North Carolina, Texas, Illinois and Kansas.

Franz is the author of Splash Ink with Watercolor and has had her work published in Southwest Art magazine, Important World Artists Vol. 1, North Light Book Series Splash 9, Splash 10, Splash 13 and Splash 14, Studio Visit Magazine, Kennedy Publishing Co., Blaz Hill Press, Albuquerque Journal, Mountain View Telegraph, Asian World Journal and Rainbow Magazine (Taiwan).

Franz is a Signature Member of the New Mexico Watercolor Society, and is a member of the National Watercolor Society, the Rio Grande Art Association, Sumi-e Society of America, Chinese American Development Foundation, and the American Society Association of Chinese Art.


“Splash Ink with Watercolor is a delightful journey breathing life with a spontaneous Western interpretation into a traditional Chinese painting technique–PoMo. Ming surveys artists using this technique from 8th century Tang dynasty through the 1960s abstract expressionism into contemporary artists pouring and splashing ink and color. Ming’s meticulous description of materials and techniques encourages the reader to unleash the playful creator within by freely experimenting with her approach to this dynamic art.”


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November 12, 2013

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