Stepping into Your Divinity: Mastering New-Earth Energies with Ancient Wisdom

Stepping into Your Divinity: Mastering New-Earth Energies with Ancient Wisdom

In her popular memoir, Sojourns of the Soul: One Woman’s Journey around the World and into Her Truth (Quest Books), award-winning author Dana Micucci takes you to seven of the world’s most exotic, sacred destinations—from the Australian Outback to Angkor in Cambodia, Egypt, Tibet, the Yucatan, New Mexico and Peru—to explore their ancient mysteries and esoteric wisdom.In this dynamic workshop, Dana shares transformational tools and teachings from these wisdom traditions that will lead to a greater embodiment of your true essence and power and assist you in navigating new directions and changes with self mastery.Receive light codes that enhance your energetic matrix and divine blueprint. Balance and activate your chakras with meditations, energy work, ritual, shamanic practices and more. Come and empower your heart, mind and soul on a journey of inner alchemical transformation!Working with each of your seven main chakras—from the root to the crown—learn how to:

  • Feel more grounded in your body
  • Create more financial and emotional security
  • Be more present in the moment and less distracted by worries, anxieties and fears.
  • Release self-limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • Acknowledge and integrate your shadow side
  • Gain more clarity and fulfillment in your relationships
  • Unlock the secrets of abundance in all areas of your life
  • Manifest your desires with increasing speed, ease and grace
  • Cultivate and sustain higher vibrational thought forms and states of being
  • Live from your heart, your internal GPS
  • Speak your truth and stand in your power
  • Access your intuitive and psychic gifts and connect with higher realms
  • Move beyond duality into unity consciousness

Please contact Dana by phone or email if you would like to schedule a workshop within Santa Fe or your area.

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Dana Micucci has enjoyed a decades-long career as a journalist and author writing about culture, travel and spirituality. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Chicago Tribune, Architectural Digest, Town & Country, Spirituality & Health, and many other well-known publications. Her fourth book, Sojourns of the Soul, was a gold winner in the 2013 Nautilus Book awards. She is also trained in a variety of healing modalities and conducts transformational talks and workshops nationwide.

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