Wheel thrown and hand built pottery with Baca Street Pottery

Wheel thrown and hand built pottery with Baca Street Pottery

Baca Street Pottery offers wheel thrown and hand built pottery instruction, including coiling and slabs, can be part of your pottery studio experience. Our 26,000 square foot studio offers guests a hands on opportunity for fun and creativity. Our studio has various professional potters specialising in functional ware, wall hangings, and micaecous clay pieces.

Baca Street Pottery takes pride in the range of skills and methods employed by each artist. We are community oriented and invite the public to visit our joint gallery and shared studio space to see finished works and works in progress

Contact Name:
Andrew Sanders

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[email protected]

Contact Phone:
(505) 614-5215


$45 – $300. Includes all materials, firing, glazing, and mailing your creations (up to $15 of mailing costs)


Baca Street Pottery features ceramic works of seven clay artists whose methods range from traditional processes of coil building and pit firing to raku and cone 10 reduction firing. The gallery and studio display functional ceramics, including micaceous cookware as well as sculptural pieces such as bas relief tiles and murals. Utilitarian ware ranges from decorative pottery with painted design to pieces whose decorative quality comes from the applied glaze scheme. Artists use various creation techniques including wheel throwing, hand building, altering, and carving.


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July 20, 2014

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